Multi-Task Like a Boss

Multi-task like a boss art print on computer screen

I have to admit this new mom life has taught me many things (like how to love a small human so intensely) but one very important thing is how to multi-task like a boss. I mean being a #MOMBOSS is hard work. 

Somehow my morning routine including getting up at 4 a.m. to feed Turner and pump before heading to the gym to teach class at 5 is becoming my new norm. I've also found that I some how am able to function on very little sleep. Getting ready in the morning has also become some what of a circus but have found that I can drink coffee, eat breakfast, nurse a baby, work, and catch up on the news all at the same time (insert mic drop). Somedays I have to ask myself WTF did I do with all my free time before becoming a mother, I am sure there were lots of naps involved.  

I created this 5"x7" art print for my fellow bad-ass moms who impress me everyday with their multi-tasking abilities! 

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Free Multi-Task Like a Boss Art Printable

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