Friday, September 24, 2010

{ Mr. & Mrs. Mittleider }

This summer I had the pleasure of working with two of my really great friends Chris and Cara Mittleider on their August wedding invitations. For their summer wedding, Cara wanted to use as many bright colors as we could. I incorporated her color palette into their wedding invitations. She also liked the idea of a pocket invite to hold an RSVP and an information card. I custom made their pocket invites so there was some hard work involved (I know I helped put them together). It was a little time consuming but I think that they turned out great and was thrilled with the finished product.

Needless to say it is also great when two great friends get married and their wedding was beautiful it was a perfect day outside. I am so happy for them!! You can see that they are so in love and are very truly happy together. I know it makes me sick too but also maybe a little jealous at the same time. I wish nothing but the best for them on their long happy life together!!

Halloween is Fast Approaching

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays.  So why not post one of my Halloween Cards that I will be sending out to friends who I will not be able to enjoy the holiday with.

I know my procrastinating is getting the best of me and I am running behind this year on deciding what my costume will be. Last year I went as Sookie Stackhouse from True Blood. I really love the books and the HBO show, so Sookie appealed to me. The year before I went as Juno with the fake belly and all. My boyfriend even played along and dressed up as Pauly Bleeker, he even wore the short yellow shorts. This year has been more difficult in finding a costume that I feel will be different from all of the others. I guess as time keeps ticking by I will be forced to make a decision.