I Am A Gladiator!

All of my friends know that I am a fitness junky!  I currently teach cycling at my local Y two mornings a week,  I am up most days before the sun comes up.  Earlier this year a friend and local fitness junky asked if I would be interested in signing up for the Gladiator Assault Challenge. I checked out their site and the first thing I saw was "Test your endurance, speed, agility, mental stamina and ability to withstand a crazy party!" That little competitor voice in my head said, "Heck yes let's do this!".

Needless to say months later we were pulling into this parking lot with a huge hill in site.  My first thought was, "What did I get myself into?".  But then the excitement / nervousness was there.   It must be something about 100's of people getting together to get muddy and go through these crazy obstacles that made my adrenaline start pumping.  An hour and forty-six minutes later I survived!

And yes that is a beer in my hand.  I needed to reward myself for completing all the obstacles with no help from the boys.

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